Elyuxen is one of only a few registered student newspapers in India, derived from the words Education, youth, Empowerment and oxygen with the elaborated idea that education and empowerment are the oxygen for advancement of youth in the society. The Idea and Concept behind the name Elyuxen is to be out of traditional names for Newspapers. It is a broadsheet published on weekly bases.

The sections of Elyuxen contains wide range of articles addressing various issues pertaining to latest trends in Education, technology, entertainment, sports; whereabouts of job interviews, college events; student reviews on topics of technology, sports, movies, student issues, current affairs; Interviews of various renowned personalities from different sectors; start-up stories; editorials; blogs so on and so forth making it easy for the students to keep up with everyday developments in the society.

Karthikeyan Santosh – Chief Executive Officer and Ex. Editor in Chief

Karthik Eyan Santosh at Pariksha Press meet

The 24 years old, Karthik Eyan Santosh believes “Its not idea which is important but the execution is more important than an idea”. Inspired by the teamwork and Individuals, especially students who are working for the Non-profit organization without expecting benefits in return, he formed an NGO – Inside India (not registered) after 10th standard (in 2010) with a team of 4 members. Inside India worked with local photographers, to capture the stories of people living in slums and tried to publish them in local newspapers. Not surprisingly, not a single photograph was published. This incident, later on, motivated him to start a student magazine. Undeterred, the team decided to print and stick them on walls. Inside India was closed on 22nd July 2012.

During the first year of his Engineering, with the help of his fellow classmates ( a gang of 12 members), he started another NGO called Swetcha (registered). The main focus of this NGO was for the development of the standard of education, especially in government schools. With a working team of more than 500 volunteers and 16 advisory members.

Swetcha was one of the largest student-run NGO in India, back in 2013.

The board team includes Rohit Sr, Karthik Reddy, Monika Yadav, Prathika Chilukmarry, Shravya Reddy, Dheeraj Srivatsa, Vivek, Madhurya, Sneha, Vaishali, and Sai.

Swetcha organized the first charity walk in Hyderabad in 2013 to raise funds for Pariksha. Pariksha is an annual cultural festival that takes place in government schools. More than 50 colleges participated in the charity walk with a crowd gathering of 5000+ supporters. Parisksha 1 was organized on March 13th, 2014 with participation from 12 government schools at Tagore Stadium, Osmania University. Swetcha foundation organized more than 50 campaigns in school about Need for Education, Books and stationery camps, clothes and winter essential camps, Swaach Bharat camps in government schools, conducted over 12 blood donation camps in Engineering colleges and spoken English classes.

The Principle of Gowtham model school was inspired by his visionary thoughts to develop education standards in government schools and helped him in conducting evening classes to teach English, Maths and Computer classes in government schools.

He named this project “Smart India Campaign”. This campaign was started in 2013 before the smart revolution.  This campaign is still being run in 3 government schools with college students, teachers, and IT employees teaching students on the weekends.

Swetcha organized a second charity walk on 21st September, 2015 to raise funds for Pariksha 2. Over 10- colleges and schools took part in the walk along with celebrities like Rahul Ravindran, Sudheer Babu and Anchor Pradeep. Pariksha 2 was organized on 25th February, 2016 with participation from 14 government schools and 2 government model schools. The social media handle of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has appreciated Swetcha Foundation for Vote for India campaign (Encouraged people to use their vote for the betterment) in 2014.

Karthik Eyan started a student newspaper called Elyuxen on 22nd August 2016. The word  Elyuxen is combination Education, Youth, and empowerment with flavors from Sanskrit words. Elyuxen works with students from different colleges and schools in writing news about their respective colleges and schools. Elyuxen is the first ever student-run newspaper in India. The newspaper is published once a week (Weekly broadsheet page), on Tuesdays in 32 colleges and 8 schools.

Karthik Eyan is recognized as Youngest Editor in Chief of Newspaper when he was 20 years old by Reporters welfare association (Chennai) in 2016.

Karthik Eyan believes that a student can deliver more accurate and authentic news without any bias. Just a month after starting Elyuxen, it was awarded with The Best Startup Award at GNITE Summit along with Best Student Startup, Best Emerging Startup and more.


Karthikeyan explains Why Student Newspaper is important?

  1. More than 200 News papers in Telangana
    Newspaper content percentage
    (Calculated on an average of 7 days, 3 English Newspapers and 3 Telugu Newspapers)
    Politics: 35%
    Crime: 30% share
    Advertisement: 10%
    Other: 25% (Only 10% is useful to students)
  2. Get to know about reality between present Education system of State and India, especially Engineering
    stream. Parents will be precautioned about what’s happening in engineering/Degree colleges to keep their
    children future secure and safe
  3. Important News updates from Different colleges, schools which we don’t get to see in regular newspaper
  4. India has more than 50% of its population below the age group of 25 years, So Separate Newspaper for
    Students is always special and revolutionary.
  5. Student Life is full of Learning , exploring, Educating. Students here will learn and educate other students by
    writing articles, Explore different streams and educate themselves before getting into reality.

Team Details of 2019 – 2020 coming soon…..