Attendance has a major priority for examinations.

Is your university examination around the corner and do you lack the required attendance? Prepare to shell out a few thousands of rupees to get your hall ticket or you might have to sit out.

 Dozens of students, under OU and JNTU are complaining of being forced to pay a few thousands for getting pardon for attendance shortage. The students who have more than 75%-80% are allowed to take the exams by the colleges and others are barred from taking the tests, unless they provide a medical certificate or logical explanation for the attendance shortage.

Attendance issue also faced by polytechnic students

The similar issue has taken place for many polytechnic students across the state. A whopping 21,000 students, majority from private polytechnic colleges across the State, have been detained for maintaining poor attendance.

The decision of the State Board of Technical Education and Training came as students failed to maintain the requisite attendance so as to appear for the semester end examinations.

The detained students will not be able to appear for the second and fourth semester examinations scheduled in March/April. A total of 69,000 students are studying in the said semesters of which 21,000 have been detained translating to more than 30 per cent.

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Attendance majorly a problem to Final year students

“The issue is with first and second year students. About 90 per cent of the final year students went for industrial training and accordingly attendances were given to them,” the official said.

The Board which has detained the students has also come up with compensatory plan. It has decided to offer classes in the summer vacation to the detainees. Students who make up to 75 per cent attendance by combining both summer and regular classes will be allowed to appear for the special examinations which will be held in June.

According to the rules, students need to have 75 per cent attend to appear for the semester examinations. A 10 per cent relaxation is given to students upon producing medical certificate with prior intimation to principal concerned.

The Board has decided to conduct special examinations for detained students provided they get 75 per cent attendance combining both summer classes and regular ones. This is being done to avoid students losing their year,” senior official said.

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