BBD plans to start an online module for children

Child exhibiting his invention

City-based startup Better By Design ( BBD ), which orients students towards problem solving and entrepreneurship, has chalked up plans to expand to over 100 centers in three years apart from launching an online module, where it will foster an online community of young innovators, according to M Krishnateja, founder and chief executive officer.

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The company is a partner in the campaign – The Summer of Innovation – being organised by the NitiAayog and Telangana State Innovation Cell. The campaign intends to nurture a large group of parents that see innovation as a need not as optional skill for their children.

“Unfortunately, many schools are not orienting students to deal with failures. This is affecting the confidence of students,” he says adding that focus of BBD is on nurturing entrepreneurship among students by allowing more opportunities to express themselves.

BBD plans

BBD has already working with partners like Aga Khan Academy, Chirec, Keystone, Silver Oaks, Jubilee Hills Public School, Future Kids, Manthan, Glendale, TSUS and others.

According to him, grading practices in many schools are rigid. “There is more than one way of approaching problems. However, teachers insist on following the method that they tell. Now, we are looking to partner with the likes of T-Hub so that some of the ideas and solutions can be nurtured into businesses,” he says.

“From our own middle school and high school experiences, we realised that a conventional education approach teaches children to be followers rather than explorers. It is the culture of innovation that needs to be inculcated from a young age,” he says.
BBD is now looking to launch an online version too where students will be able to work on assignments. It will provide the required tools even as it plans to partner with multiple schools. It adopts a subscription model where it charges Rs 8,500 to Rs 10,000. With school partners, the fee is about Rs 3,500. BBD gives electronic, mechanical and DIY kits. About 250 students are enrolled for various programmes, he said.

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