Boy from Hyderabad enters into Guinness World Records for his memory

We often use Google to search for every information; and here is a boy who can remember not just the names of the countries, but also its capitals. Gnanasagar Subramanyam Vuchi is a class 11 student. He has now entered the Guinness World Records for memorizing about 52 objects in the same sequence in a minute.

Subramanyam has broken up all the previous records in memory – surpassing the challenges which were taken up by adults. The youngster is now having his world record entered into the Guinness World Records. In 2007, he was appreciated for his exceptional memory of memorizing countries and capitals by late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

Apart from these, he is even multi-talented and has three Guinness World Records in Martial Arts. He stands up as the first DAN Black Belt in Taekwondo under Infinio Taekwondo World. As an enthusiast for science, he represented his school three times in the National Science Exhibition (organized by CBSE).

He is even working actively for preparing modern gadgets which can be needed by the Martial Arts fraternity. Mainly for the digitization of the number of kicks, punches and the speed of the punch. For this, he is making use of sensors and other multi controllers.

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