DeepthiRavula sets a new ecosystem for women entrepreneurs

DeepthiRavula addresses about her achievements in establishing the We-Hub

The chief executive officer of We-Hub DeepthiRavula was very keen about her mandate to get women to be a part of the policy table. Since the last one year of her presence in We-Hub, she and her six-member team have been able to get closer to the mandate through the creation of We-Hub. The team has selected 26 women entrepreneurs out of 250 applicants to join the incubation programme and has also facilitated MSME loan support to 16 entrepreneurs worth Rs 3.8 crore out of which two are We-Hub incubates.

DeepthiRavula about women entrepreneurs

DeepthiRavula CEo We-Hub also added “We-Hub is not just about giving women entrepreneurs a space to work, but is about building an ecosystem wherein any women entrepreneurs from any part of the country can approach us on any issue ranging from funding, mentorship to confidence building and pitching. This is what we plan to achieve and have been able to achieve in the last one year of our operations,”

Along with the physical space of We-Hub the team is looking forward to build new partnerships with every ecosystem partner. 35 Governments cum private institutions and agencies are currently partnered with We-Hub.  The partnerships help the startups in every way possible as We-Hub is sector agnostic.

Steps to improve women entrepreneurs

A registration programme through Mee-Seva has also opened up to help business women in Telangana. With this women entrepreneurs from any part of the state can register themselves and avail all the subsidies and schemes via We-Hub. “Along with this we are also doing many programmes in schools and colleges and taking experts from each field to talk about various career options available and how it can be achieved,” says DeepthiRavula.

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Hence Deepthi Ravula has succeeded in her mission of spreading awareness over women entrepreneurship across the country. She has helped a lot of women entrepreneurs through the incubation process.

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