Display of Word Count on Google docs – Easier for G Suite Customers

G Suite customers are able to experience a new way of counting the word on documents. It is a new capability by the Search giant Google to make the lives of its customers more comfortable. 

In a recent blog, Google posted that “We have heard that displaying this information is helpful to users working on docs that require minimum or maximum word count.”

There is a tendency that most of them check the word count while writing anything in a document. Usually, users had to often seek the word count by clicking on “Tools” and then “Word Count.” This step has to be made each time you want to see the word information.

But, now to make it easier, a new option is introduced. For this, you need to go for “Tools,” and then go for “Word Count” to select “Display word count while typing.” By choosing the option, you can have the details viewed lower-left corner of your document.

Also, you are enabled to view more information by clicking on the word count box. You can see the character count (with and without spaces). If you wish to check for a specific text, then you need to highlight the section in the google document.

As per the statements of Google, this feature will be enabled as a default if it rolls out to users. However, it can also be turned off by following the similar steps and unboxing “Display word count while typing” at “Word Count.”

The G Suite editions are already rolling out with the Google Documents word count box. These will be completely available by next month.

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