Edgespire guiding platform for youngsters

Students at the Edgespire

Edgespire – For over 300 aspiring youngsters and students in the city, the weekend started on an enlightening note with prominent personalities from various industries throwing light on opportunities accessible in different streams in today’s competitive world.

The first edition of Edgespire, organized by Edmappers, an education mapping, and advisory organization, was all about learning, earning and getting internship opportunities, and providing a guiding platform for the youngsters.

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Inaugurating the knowledge session, Chief Secretary, SK Joshi, and, Prinicipal Secretary (IT and Commerce), JayeshRanjan spoke about opportunities being offered through technology and on how to reach their goals.

Speaking at ‘Discover Yourself’ session, Deepti Varma, HR Director, Amazon India, urged youngsters to go and talk with people from different walks of life and then only one would get a lot of suggestions along with knowledge sharing.


“Around 50 per cent of the jobs that are there today will not exist in future. In this scenario, you need to improve your skills on continual basis and stay up-to-date. Be open to experimentation, take risk and learn from failures and take it as a great experience,” Deepti told the gathered youngsters.

On ‘Explore the unlimited possibilities’ session, KurshedBatliwala from ‘The Art of Living’ asked the aspirants to be curious, fearless and courageous in order to explore things and to think out of box from all corners rather than what everyone else was doing. “If you want to do different things, you need to think differently and that itself takes you to the next level,” he said.

Edmappers Director, Pooja Mitra said, the world of learning and opportunities for millennials had opened up extensively, and, students and working youngsters had unlimited options to reach their goals.

Kanthi Suresh, Editor of Power Sports, Gaurang Shah, textile artist, Venkat Ram, celebrity photographer, Shantanu Chaudhary, IIID past chairman, and others were present for various sessions.

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