ETrio Hyderabad-based electric vehicle company plans to tap franchisee route

etrio in hyderabad

At a time when diesel and petrol prices are on the continuous rise, Hyderabad based ETrio Automobiles is bringing to the Indian buyers an economical proposition. It has become the first certified Indian company that can retrofit a petrol or diesel car into pure EV (electric vehicle) within a mere 36 hours. For scaling up its business, the company is looking for franchise business partners across India and strategic investors with a serious interest in EVs.

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With an aim to reduce pollution and provide safety to the customers, the company has already rolled out its first batch of production at its factory in Hyderabad. The company has already worked on 10 models for certifications in its first slot and would be on rolling out nearly 50 cars for the initial set of customers. The first certified retrofitted electric car of India completed the registration in Telangana RTO, addressing the registration uncertainty of retrofitted EVs.

ETrio electric vehicle company

“We spent all these months on testing different kits on various models across the country. As everyone is prefering cabs and taxies over any other mode of commute, we have approached cab and taxi companies for collaboration,” informs Nitish Bhandari, COO of eTrio.

The company is also working with the leading charging companies for providing complete EV fleet solution. It is also optimising the battery swapping system, which currently takes 10 minutes. At the same time the company is working closely in developing retro fitment solutions for logistics sector as well.

Currently, eTrio kits range 150 km per charge and very soon they would be achieving over 230 km per charge. To make the final product safe and reliable, the company has decided to assemble battery packs on their own rather than approaching any third party.

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