Refund the fee paid for a correction after successful exam paper revaluation

The students from across Telugu speaking states, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are suffering from carelessness in exam papers corrections.

Although students from different universities like JNTUH, Osmania universities are facing this problem from last 10 years but the issue has reached its peak point last year when more than 10,000 JNTUH students were detained due to lack of credits. Students protested in front of JNTUH university demanding justification for exam paper correction and advance supplementary examinations.

Top universities like JNTUH, osmania university claims that they appoint best faculty for exam paper correction.

Exam paper re-correction fee module of JNTUH:

The Revaluation fee for JNTUH exam paper is 1,000/- , re counting fee is 1,000 and for challenge revaluation JNTUH is charging 10,000/- for single subject. If a student gets more marks after successful revaluation and recounting then no amount is refunded. But for successful Challenge revaluation, student will get a refund of 8000/- to their bank account after 1-2 months. A student cannot apply directly for challenge revaluation, only after applying for Re counting or Re evaluation then a student is allowed to apply for Challenge revaluation. So a student will pay 11,000/- in complete for challenge revaluation and after successful re valuation (Including challenge revaluation) a student will loose 3000/- for single subject without his/her mistake.

Exam paper re-correction fee module of Osmania University:

The Revaluation fee for single subject is 650/- and Photocopy of single subject answer sheet is 1000/. The photocopy of the answer script will be sent to the candidate by post in a month time from the last date of submission. For Osmania university enginnering colleges Revaluation ranges from 300/- to 600/- which is again non refundable. Osmania university re counting fee for single subject is 350/-.

The issue with Re counting and Supplementary fee last dates:

Universities and Examination boards allow students to apply for supplementary exams but the last date for applying supplementary exams will be two or three days before the revaluation or re counting day. So if a student failed in X subject, then he/she will apply for recounting/ revaluation and also for supplementary exam without the result of Recounting and revaluation. If he/she scores good marks after successful recounting then examination fee for supplementary fee is not refunded.

Late fee for Supplementary exams:

Many degree and engineering colleges are collecting late fee even before the last date. No student has ever enquired or questioned about this with a fear of management not allowing the student to apply for Supplementary exams. So many students are paying along with late fee even before the last date. Universities and exam boards are collecting 100/- 500/- and 1000/- late fee, respectively for single semester or year. JNTUH receives around 7 Lakhs answer sheets every semester for which JNTUH calls nearly 1,100 evaluators from different engineering colleges. Each evaluator gets 3 minutes for single answer sheet in a given working time of 8 hours per day which is not even close to being enough.

It is estimated that a JNTUH student will pay 14,500/- (for single subject) considering revaluation fee, supplementary fee, Challenge revaluation fee.

There is no system or platform in place where the student’s feedback regarding how they feel their papers were evaluated would reach the University and get responses for their questions in quick time.

How appeal by Elyuxen student newspaper works?

This appeal is submitted by Front end Appeal submission after verification. To Create your appeal Click here

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