Fancy numbers fetch RTA in Hyderabad over Rs 30 Lakh in a day

Image of fancy numbers plates

The craze for fancy numbers for vehicles is turning out be a good source of revenue for the Regional Transport Authority (RTA) in the city. When the RTA put up fancy numbers for auction at its Khairatabad office, such was the demand that bidding for one number crossed the Rs 10 lakh mark, while a scuffle ensued for another number. In all, the RTA in just one day turned richer by over Rs 30 lakh through number auctions.

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The number ‘TS 09 FE 9999’ saw the auction process picking up with bidders competing against each other and in the process taking the bid to Rs 10 lakh. The successful bidder who got the number was NSL Properties. Another number ‘TS 09 FF 9999’ also initially witnessed intense bidding but it stopped at Rs 6.95 lakh and was bagged by FRR Hill Hotels. One more number was lapped up for Rs 2.78 lakh.

Fancy Numbers craze

There was trouble at the RTA office during auction when the number ‘0001’ with a new series was up for bidding. Initially four persons had dropped their bids in the tender box. However, at the close of time for submission and as the tender box was being carried inside, one more person rushed in and attempted to drop a bid. This was objected to by others resulting in a scuffle and the late comer attacking some persons. However, his bid was rejected by the officials.

Officials attribute the high demand and craze for fancy numbers to the fact that it holds the TS 09 code. In fact, Khairatabad office alone generates more than 70 per cent of the overall revenue of all the RTA offices put together in the city.

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