Girl safety in and around the Campus

girls in some cities face horrible incidents

Girl population in the city likely to feel insecure inside the campus premises or the area surrounding it, women have faced numerous incidents that have left them scarred. While some are too afraid to even step out to grab chai after hostel curfew at 7pm. Broad daylight dint stop from them to be harassed. The authorities haven’t taken any solid stand against such happenings even after recurring incidents and complaints. When students were questioned about their situations most students were too scared to reveal their names or the colleges they were studying in, some were bold enough to speak up.

Stories from girl students:

“My campus is home to around 600-700 girls. Within its walls, we don’t have much to worry about, but just outside the fates, around the campus, roadside Romeos of all ages will be lurking around. Once I was waiting for a cab with my friends just a few steps away from the gate around 7pm. We notices a man waiting rather awkwardly, while holding his phone up. We went up to him and checked his phone up. Apparently, he was recording the culture of “big city girls”.” Says Jenifer Afrain, NIFT

“In my experience both Hyderabad and NALSAR University where I am currently studying have felt safer than many other cities in the country.

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NALSAR specifically has a more loveral campus, where it is possible for women to wear whatever they want and stay out on campus late at night without bring worried about eve-teasing or sexual harassment.” Says ShreyashiHimjha, NALSAR University of LAW.

“Being a girl, life isn’t very carefree when you are in constant fear of being latched. Which is why being at the University of Hyderabad campus is a huge relief for the overly-conscious women. The campus is a place of freedom and self-expression and only after spending a semester here have I realised how many creepy stares we women excuse in our daily lifes.” Says Kunisha Reddy, University of Hyderabad.

TISS, Hyderabad, Hyderabad, owing to many reasons, has its hostels in nearby residential facilities, and this has made many students prone to incidents of sexual assault and eve-teasing while traveling in the area, be it day or night. Hence most girl students think twice before leaving hostels at night. Even within the ccampus, dealing with sexism has become an everyday affair. Cases of sexual abuse from within the college has also surfaced time and again. However, in the past year, students hace been consistently raising their voices against these issues. We do enjoy relatively greater freedom with regard to curfews, etc. But one can say it has not been an easy ride for female students from different backgrounds.” Says VarshaPriyadarshini, TISS

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