"Hip 360" – Young Surgeons attend the Medical Program of MediCover Hospitals

Aiming to provide inputs for the young surgeons on hip replacement surgeries, the MediCover Hospitals orthopedics departments conducted the program. It is a continuing medical education programme – Hip 360.

It was a day-long course, and more than 150 hip transplant surgeons from all across the country participated in this course. The day-long course comprised of lectures received from International and National faculties. Hip replacement, revision cases, and complex cases hip surgeries were the topics discussed by the experienced faculties.

During the course, live surgeries with discussions pertaining to the ceramics roles and other new biomaterials for the success of hip replacement surgeries were also followed. The main focus was on dealing cases from simple to the complex.  The live surgeons who conducted the day-long course included Dr. Krishna Kiran, Dr. Vijay Bose, M Pradeep Reddy, and Br. Martin Zimmermann.

During the day-long course, Dr. Krishna Kiran Echemparti – The director of Advanced Orthopaedics MediCover Hospitals, stated that “As part of the course, we performed four live hip surgeries on a single day. There have been several advancements in the replacement procedure, and the course intends to discuss the developments, educate the young surgeons through live surgeries and panel discussions.”

Also, Mr. Pradeep Reddy – who is a joint replacement surgeon in the MediCover Hospitals stated that “The diagnosis and the required correction to the faulty joints must be done in the formative years to yield better results.”

The experts of the Orthopedics stated that the knee pains in children and young adults are a fact for the hip problems, and they must be evaluated by consulting to an orthopedic at earliest.

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