Hyderabad Fintech Forum: A new platform for Start-ups

The city now launches a new platform for the start-up to seek mentorship with Hyderabad Fintech Forum (HFF). It is an excellent platform for exchanging the ideas on technology in various fields of BFSI. BFSI includes Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance. Within this Hyderabad Fintech Forum, one can find the best space to enable and strengthen the ecosystem of the start-ups and make the unicorns from Hyderabad.

Jayesh Ranjan, the Principal Secretary to IT and industries, launched the forum under the presence of great industry leaders. The Hyderabad Fintech Forum or the HFF comprises early stage and growth stage start-ups, angel investors, heads of research and development and technology departments of the global Indian MNC companies, academicians and researches, venture capitalists, government officials, and regulators.

During the release, over 600 Fintech members have enrolled in the Hyderabad Fintech Forum. There are even seven Special Interest Groups (SIG) created by the Hyderabad Fintech Forum. These are for the domains blockchain technology, ML, AI, and Cyber Security.

The website of the Hyderabad Fintech Forum provides an exclusive platform for mentee-mentor connectivity for start-ups. It will help them to seek mentorship in various stages of the life-cycle from the community.

In addition to the launch of the forum, there was even a memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed between the Q-hub, a city-based start-up incubator, and W Hub, a Hong Kong-based Fintech incubator.  With the MoU, the cross-border can exchange of Fintech market opportunities, particularly in China, Hong Kong, and India.

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