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Hyderabad schoolchildren brighten up lifeless pillars

One of the pillar painted by school children

The pillars which once were lifeless with advertisements and torn posters have now come alive with beautiful artworks.

Fulfilling their social responsibility towards development and beautification of the city, children from two schools, Solitaire Group of Schools and Glorium Schools in Rajendra Nagar circle of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC), painted the pillars as well as left some messages to sensitise citizens on civic sense.

The school managements in association with GHMC are painting the ramp pillars under the PVNR Expressway and transforming the concrete structures into attractive murals and making them lively.

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“We need to be more responsible, then only our city will be better. It is not responsibility of the government alone,” said Mir Ali, Founder and Director of Solitaire Group of Schools. He added that they were also planning to paint the walls of Aramgarh underpass.

Pillars painting

Syed Abdul Qaleeq, Supervisor in Sanitation Wing of Rajendra Nagar circle, said, “Around 60 pillars under the flyover starting from the Aramghar Crossroads were painted and GHMC is supervising the works.” Qaleeq added that these two schools were actively taking up different beautification activities under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

The paintings are from Aramghar Crossroads to Shivrampally and from Upparpally to Dairy Farm Crossroads. The design of the artwork is such that it illuminates during the night as the paintings were done against a light background. Qaleeq said that some pillars were just painted with designs while some had slogans.

Solitaire Schools started the work back in 2017 and took up programmes such as Swachh Bharat, Haritha Haram, maintenance of old parks, promotion of jute bags, and street plays with schoolchildren on the importance of keeping the city clean etc. They have also supported the cleanliness activities in Raghavendra colony and helped in turning it into a Swachh Colony.

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