Hyderabad to seek a new Design Hub after D-Hub and WE Hub

The next awaited hub of Hyderabad can be the D-hub after the T-Hub and WE Hub. Hyderabad is seeking a number of multinationals turning towards it. Let it be from IKEA to Amazon, Hyderabad is proving the best and promising to be the success for the start-ups in the country. Now, it is time to have a Designer Hub on lines of the Start-up incubator T-Hub.

Bapu Kaladhar is the founder president of UXINDIA International Conference. On his 15th edition at the Hyderabad International Convention Centre stated that his organization was in continuous with the Government of Telangana for setting up a design hub. And, he feels glad that his foundation – UsabilityMatters.Org (UMO) received a favorable opinion from the government.

The TS Government, a co-host of UXINDIA, is one of such a few governments in the country to achieve the value of design and great significance and potential. Also, he added that after operating the hub into Hyderabad; there is no doubt for it to become the country’s design capital with ideal innovations and designs.

“We need more design schools, design education from the grassroots level, design support for startups, and so on. A design hub will be the ideal facilitator for all these, apart from a host of other design-related activities.”

“Already, we have lots of engineering colleges and institutions offering design courses, but without knowing what exactly is a proper design course and many of them, without qualified teachers too. A hub here will help them get on the right path, and maybe help us come up with a common course,”

He even added that India’s most prominent user experience design conference – UXINDIA is already academia and industry in together in its objective.

Additionally, Kaladhar stated to the TS IT Secretary – Jayesh Ranjan that, in consideration to the Digital Impact Square – A TCS Foundation Initiative, it is already ready for incubating start-ups with good design ideas. Jayesh Ranjan even stated that the government is already ready to implement new ideas and investments in design start-ups or social enterprises to base in Hyderabad.

He concluded by saying “We will be focusing on design with social impact in the next five years, and are looking to pick up social issues and problems and find solutions apart from seeing how the design community can make the city better for its citizens,” and referred for having more conferences on fashion design and industrial design soon in Hyderabad.

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