“I feel like talking with my mother when I teach Telugu” Dr. H. Kishan sir of Badruka college

Why did you Interview with Dr. H. Kishan from Badruka college. Completed his education in  M.A(Telugu) KakatiyaVishwaVidyalayam, Warangal and 20 years of experience, 16 years with Badruka College of Commerce and Arts.

Why choose this as profession?

I’m interested in Telugu Sahityam, hence chose Telugu language and Telugu teaching profession.

2. Why Telugu but not any other subject?

Telugu is our mother tongue, I always feel like dealing with my own mother when I teach Telugu.  Telugu literature cannot be taught online. So, there must be someone to teach our culture, literature, tradition, Hence, I am a Telugu teacher. And I’m proud of it.

3. Does each student pay attention to you?

Yes. Every student pays attention to my teachings. Unfortunately, Very few students choose Telugu as second language comparatively. So, students who have chosen Telugu are already interested in the subject and literature. So, making every student pay attention is not a big deal.  

4. Do you talk about students in staff room?

Why not! We do talk about two sets of students, one about the bad behavior students and the good ones. We discuss on if we can change a bad student. Teaching morals, Good habits, Good behavior is our primary job.

5. How do you correct the paper – his/ her performance in class?

I believe that papers are not as important as the student’s knowledge. Papers are just examples of student’s knowledge.  A teacher should be responsible to make a student live in this society with well manners.

6. Your opinion on current youth- do they believe in hard work /shortcuts?

Before answering this question, I will tell you something which directly gives you an answer. There are 2 routes where students go and reach wrong destination. One is along with parents and the other one is along with friends.

If parents have grown a kid in a good manner and with morals, he/she automatically chooses good friends which leads to a smother life with less bad things. 

Current youth is in finding of shortcuts, shortcuts in every aspect. It is good to some extent, but a short journey with less obstacles is unworthy comparatively. I feel glad that Badruka Students are in every aspect. They cover every element which is important in their career. At the end of the day, I vote for hard work which is not happening.

7. Do you give real life experience to your students to get clarity?

Yes, It is mandatory in my teachings. Real life experiences give students a clear picture of certain situation and helps them to overcome it giving lots of options.

8. What’s the response of the students on your examples

As real life experiences are really interesting, students get to understand it. Even though few don’t pay attention, it is my duty to make them feel attentive.

9. What makes you to come to the class every day?

Everyone knows how Telugu is being avoided by our own people. It motivates me to come to the class every day. I come to the class only for Telugu and society. So as to create awareness in students.

10.any inspiration to chose this field

My guru after degree inspired me to get into this field. you feel when a student say – ma’am thanks for your examples

Of course happy as everyone does.  Few of my students who are blind and other as well call me in the night just to listen my version of their problem. I feel  happy even if it is at 12am.

One former students, Rajashekar. He is well settled in his life, he still calls me for suggestions. That’s how my kids love me. A pride feeling.

12.How you feel when a student come and wish you out of the college after years

I feel that my hard work is paying off.  As I said, my student Rajashekar who is a Sub-Inspector of Police calls me and meets me regularly. I feel great if every student does the same.

13. Do you encourage students to bunk the class – if yes why/ if no why

A bunk without a reason is useless. I won’t accept students bunking classes often, but yes if the reason is genuine.

14.Do movies like Tare zamen par/Patshalakinda movies motivate you?

May be yes, but I watch only old movies and classic ones. You don’t find time once you reach our stage. So, do as much hard work as you can and enjoy.(Laughing)

15. Do you think any change is must in education system or in teaching style?

Teaching style must be changed according to the generation of students. If there is a change in teaching style, it would automatically change the education system.

16. Is the correction system is right and action is to be taken on it?

Strict correction is needed.

Pass is 35% but to get job its 60%, Is that ratio right?

Marks and jobs are not related. There are students who got jobs with no good percentage and there are students without a job but with very high percentages. What ultimately matters is, Subject. Subject knowledge will take a student to his goal. So, concentrate on subject than on marks.

What’s your opinion on survey of questions and Elyuxen.

Great initiative. This kind of new things is what we needed in our society. Keep up the same work. All the best to the whoElyuxen team.

Interview By Krishna Vamshi

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