AI will never replace humans at all places: Tech Mahindra CEO

‘Shaping Our Future, Digitally" says C.P.Gurunani

Mr. C.P. Gurnani, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Tech Mahindra was delivering the ‘New India Manthan – Leadership Talk’ at IIT Hyderabad organized  March 2019 in the presence of Prof. Ch. Subrahmanyam, Acting Director, IIT Hyderabad. He lauded the interdisciplinary approach of IIT Hyderabad to the soon-to-be-launched B.Tech. In Artificial Intelligence.

Changes are happening right in front of us and it will continue to happen. All of us have the option to let the change happen but we will write the change and we will transform ourselves,” said Mr. C.P. Gurnani.

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IIT : Shaping our future

Speaking on ‘Shaping Our Future, Digitally,’ he said, “The engineer of tomorrow is not going to be an engineer per se only. He is going to be more ambidextrous. Artificial Intelligence by itself is meaningless. It only works when you combine it with data and when you decide that AI is supposed to deliver.”

Delivering a motivational lecture at IIT -H as part of “New Indian Manthan-Leadership Talk” here on Friday, Gurnani said youngsters must visualise what they want to become exactly which would motivate them to perform better. Some may work on innovation while some may concentrate on entrepreneurship, but having a goal was must to succeed, he said.

Students should fundamentally say “I need to act.” The first part is to aspire and the second is to act on it.

Elaborating on this theme, he said, “You will find different ways to act. Some of you will go to incubation cell here, while others will go to entrepreneurship cells somewhere else while others will set up your own lab and don’t need any help. Everything is right, the only thing you have to remember is you have set up a goal and the only way you’ll know you are doing it right or wrong is by making an attempt.” He also interacted with students and took questions from the students.

Appreciating IIT-H for introducing multi-disciplinary courses and B-Tech in Artificial Intelligence (AI) from the next academic year, Gurnani opined AI would never replace humans at all places. “Humans will decide when and what the machines should deliver, he said. Acting Director of IIT -H Prof C Subramanyam and others were present.

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