IMD – Be cautious of water-borne ailments, heat strokes: Experts

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IMD – With mercury levels in Hyderabad being on the higher side of 40 degree Celsius, district health authorities and senior public health experts have urged the public to take precautions from water-borne ailments and heat strokes.

Experts in seasonal ailments have urged individuals and families to be alert for the next month when temperatures are expected to rise further in the month of May, which could even trigger heatstroke cases.

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“During summer, usually we see a spurt in cases of water-borne ailments, food poisoning cases, and heat stroke cases. All these are preventable and precautions must be observed by all, including individuals and families,” advises Superintendent, Fever Hospital, Dr. K Shankar.

While water-borne ailments are usually associated with lack of access to potable drinking water, heat strokes are due to exposure to high temperatures of over 40 degree Celsius. “A healthy person can withstand heat stroke. Complications arise in persons with co-morbid conditions like chronic kidney and heart ailments and diabetes,” Dr. Shankar pointed out.

Persons with such pre-existing medical conditions should ensure that they are not exposed to extreme heat during peak summer. Doctors said that core body temperatures of senior citizens, diabetics, kidney and heart patients rise considerably when exposed to hot sun for a long time.

IMD forecasts rise in temperatures

The weather conditions continued to remain harsh in the city with temperatures in some parts reeling under hot summer conditions with 42 degree Celsius.

Though Sunday started on a cool note with cloud formation till 11 am, temperatures gradually took an upward curve towards afternoon and became intense.

According to Telangana State Development Society, Quthbullapur recorded a highest temperature of 42.2 degree Celsius followed by Pashamylaram (42 degree Celsius) and Balanagar (41.8 degree Celsius).

The average temperature in the city on Sunday recorded by India Meteorological Department (IMD) was 41.2 degree Celsius. The IMD forecast looked at temperatures rising further in the next two days.

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