Indian Students failing to achieve good opportunities due to lack of French Proficiency

The Candidates or the students who have moved to France expecting international exposure are feeling struggling as they are unable to find good opportunities due to low proficiency in the French language. After moving from the home country, candidates try their best to settle down as they migrate with limited knowledge.

Sharath Yadav, a student of Ecole Superieure de Gestion business school pursuing marketing and international relations course states that though the mode of teaching is English, it becomes difficult to understand when the local students ask their doubts in French.

He says, “Communication is a huge issue whether it is with other students or outside class.” He has completed his final year and now planning to transfer to India or another country where he can have more acceptances.

Yasaswi Surabhi also states that finding jobs is making her devastated. Many jobs expected their employers to be well-versed with French, and behave as the people of origin. Since she isn’t from that country, she questions, how to change into French overnight to match the requirements?

Shilpa, a student in European Business School Paris, states that her education wasted her money. She blames the behavior of the immigration consultancies, as they manipulate saying we will receive good career opportunities. But, the story turns to be different as most of the students do not meet the French language proficiency. She explains her experience as, “I was cheated by a consultancy. I was told that I would not need to know much French. But as a marketing professional, how is it possible to work without knowing the local language. Sitting in India, I did not know how important learning French was.”

She conveys that many Indian consultancies encourage students to opt to France’s private business schools and take up Rs 1 lakh to 1.5 lakh per student. But, after going there, we fail to find a good opportunity.

And, returning to India seems to be a nightmare as we have to clear the loans or the money borrowed from their parents, to manage the living costs and tuitions. France’s private business school on average charges from 8,000 Euros to 15,000 Euros per year.

Rahul Seeram, another graduate, explains his work experience as, “When I began work it was tough initially because co-workers would speak in French and since these technical issues, we were dealing with, I would use translating software and sign language.”

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