Interview with MallaReddy College faculty Kalyan Kumar sir

Kalyan Kumar sir is been with MallaReddy Engineering College ever since 2005 in the department humanities and sciences. He deals with the most loveable subject by our engineering students which is nothing but, M1.

You considered being the best faculty in the college. Almost every student in college said they are inspired by you. How’s that possible?

Kalyan Kumar: I enquire and I understand students personally what are the current problems are being faced by them. I ask them not to be stressed out always thinking of the future. In fact, I suggest students think of present which is more valuable than the past and good forward step in making of their future. I always suggest a student be good at what he/she is capable of. I interact with students more often whatever the matter it may be personal or professional that makes them believe or trusting on me

Tell us about your education life? School life and College life
Kalyan Kumar: I have done my SSC from sunshine school Narsapuram in West Godavari district and INTERMEDIATE, DEGREE and PG in Y.N college. Where actor Chiranjeevi, Dasari Narayana Rao, Krishnam Raju, and many prominent alumni had studied there. Chiranjeevi sir attended an NCC parade in New Delhi which is conducted by our college itself. I have done my B.ED in Seva Nagaya Memorial Trust College of Teacher education in Nuziveedu and of course, I am doing my Ph.D. in JNTU Hyderabad

Its been 13 wonderful teaching years in college. Tell us about your teaching life and teaching philosophy?
Kalyan Kumar: The main motto of mine is just to keep it simple at whatever work you are good you should always try to top it and I am keeping up my level best all through my teaching career

How do you define good teaching?
Kalyan Kumar: Good teaching is not the classroom teaching and I believe the student should apply himself what he is learning here in the college that is should be applied for the society it may be application oriented thing of engineering or whatever you learnt like for example let us say photography in the college he need to apply when he go out of the college he wanted to get a good photography he should be a very high photography in the society meant not like getting a simple photo studio he should be a world class photographer I encourage them in photography like directing a movie it is also a photography if they want to have in some situations some of the students may say they like short filmmaker I encourage them to get to movies not just for B.TECH degree and going for a job.

One favorite student in your career and why?
Kalyan Kumar: It is tuff to say anyone as the favorite but if I have to say then, My favorite student in my career is Aravind of ECE he is of 2010 batch.

How do you define your college? How different is your college from other colleges? Why does any student join in your college?
Kalyan Kumar: Our college has good faculty compare to other colleges and a good record at placements. Difference between our college and others is that our college is an autonomous campus and it has own set of rules, plans, and ideology. It has a good reputation all over the city as a potential college which could produce quality engineers

With years and batches passing every year, Tell us about one good or bad memory you had with one of your batches?
Kalyan Kumar:
The first batch which was of the year 2005. One student named Mahesh from IT got committed suicide. I have seen him, he was not good at studies but, he was good at cricket, and movies. I would say he was a multi-talented guy. It was a very bad situation for the institution and for his family also. That batch was really good at everything and now every one of them is well settled.

India is producing more number of engineers every year than any country. But not every engineer is employed and the unemployment rate is increasing every year in India. Where is the problem?
Kalyan Kumar
: The problem lacks with schools. These schools are killing the student creativity. Nowadays schools are running in achieving good marks and be on a way to expel the student. for example, a civil engineer may be charted engineer and they don’t that and mechanical engineer is not been able to get a government job is that the basement of the education system is at poor stage

What is your opinion on the present education system?
Kalyan Kumar:
First of all these schools should be changed first. In the past, there were socially useful productive work schools that improve creativity. That creativity is not there in our engineers. Right now even though India is creating any numbers of engineers they do not know how to explore them.

How do you motivate students? What is your success mantra?
Kalyan Kumar:
My success mantra is always be applied to your knowledge and apply yourself. I Motivate students through my speeches and talking to them

With the onset of digital India, Do you think the digitalization of classrooms would help students benefit?
Kalyan Kumar:
yeah of course digitalization definitely helps students. Digitally showing an image makes a strong impact on the student. For example, showing biological images as they cannot be shown in a raw manner. let us consider maths in particular differentiation and integration students are lacking. the computer helps students solve the problems of integration and differentiation in a different manner than in a regular way

JNTUH is changing promotion and examination rules every year and making it even tougher to pass. Is that necessary?
Kalyan Kumar:
It’s not hard basically, students feel that it is tuff. But in olden days if a student fails in one subject out of 6 subjects he has to rewrite all the subjects once again. but now if he fails in one subject, he can write only one subject, the liberalization has got in too deep. That is why JNTUH, producing quality engineers, by keeping all these tougher exams.

College is isolated from sports and other activities. Do you think only studying will improve confidence levels in students? How important sports and other curricular activities are in student life?
Kalyan Kumar:
Not only studies but all extracurricular activities,co-curricular activities are very much important to students. Even our college is in the thought of constructing a sports hub in fact already a cricket ground has been built and all the facilities will be provided by sports faculty

What do you think are the most important attributes of a good instructor?
Kalyan Kumar:
Instructor must be skilled. The demonstration is very much important. There shouldn’t be any partiality.should always be caring

Placements and pass percentage from your college are not very impressive last year. Why? What plans college have this year to improve?
Kalyan Kumar:
Pass percentage of our college is not low from last few years. Even though to get much good result College has introduced the choice-based credit system, which got a good transition rate change in percentage. That is the reason the percentage rate is very good during the last 3 to 4 years.

Movies have a great impact on students. Students are attracted to movies which have more vulgarity and mass dialogues. Do you think parents should monitor this? Can movies impact any student life? What’s your take on Arjun Reddy movie?
Kalyan Kumar:
Definitely movies will have a lot of impact on the brains of the student that’s what it has been shown in the drusy movie mean one thing like 3 Idiots movie censored board of film create more useful to the students. my opinion on Arjun Reddy movie is that even I am eagerly waiting for the movie to release. The only thing making me interested in the movie is not the vulgar words which were spoken by actor Vijay in teaser or trailer. But, I am impressed with the speech which he has given in the pre-release event. We should take the good in a speech which he has said is that be proud to be yourself

Anything which you want to want to say our students?
Kalyan Kumar:
One thing I want to say is that nowadays suicide’s are been increasing in a huge number. If the suicide has been done by any illiterate means we would say, he is been not bought up in a good manner or he is not educated and if the same mistake is done by any student then it is what should we call him. The reason I am saying this topic because nowadays if we see any newspaper then there would be news of a student being suicided himself.suicide’s whichever happening now days are like more in the number of students only. I would please once think of your parents who didn’t give you birth to see suiciding yourself. For every problem there is a solution and suicide is not a solution at any point in time.

Any favorite proverb’s which you would like to share?
Kalyan Kumar:
My favorite proverb’s I would say is “Practise makes Man Perfect” and “A Plan Never Fails. But, In Executing the Plan we may Fail”.Here we need to remember planning is really important and we need to execute the plan or else it is just wasting a valuable plan.

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