IRCTC website gets a new update: View vacant berths

The view of berth reservation in irctc website

IRCTC – Indian Railways has launched a new feature on IRCTC website that will enable passengers to view reserved charts online and see the status of vacant seats while booking.

Passengers from now do not have to depend on Travelling Ticket Examiners (TTE) for allotment of vacant berths as Indian Railways has now made the reservation charts for all trains public on the IRCTC website.

A new feature on IRCTC to ensure transparency when booking berths has been launched. With customer-friendly features and an enhanced visual experience reservation charts have been made available to the public.

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IRCTC berth booking procedure

Just like booking a ticket in an airline, the newly-embedded feature will display the layout of nine classes of coaches and will give a graphical representation of the train coaches along with berth-wise accommodation status on the IRCTC website.

The information will be made available after preparation of the first chart around four hours before the departure of the train and the second chart will be available around 30 minutes before the train leaves the originating station.

The second chart will accommodate changes based on current reservations and any cancellations made after the first chart. The new feature will be available on both -web and mobile version of the IRCTC e-ticket booking platform.

Based on the information of seat availability, passengers will be able to approach the TTE on board for ticket booking as well, says Indian Railways. The new interface gives graphical representation of the train coaches along with berth-wise accommodation status on website.

Complete information of vacant berths from train source as well as intermediate locations will be available to the user. The prospective customer can use the information for on-board booking of vacant berths by TTE as per business rules. This feature is available on the web as well as mobile version. This will make the entire process transparent.

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