ISO 13485 Certification for L V Prasad Eye Institute

The great and successful L V Prasad Eye Institute receives the ISO 13485:2066 Certification for manufacturing Boston Sight SCLERAL and PROSE lenses according to the review by the BSI or the British Standards.

The management system at LVPEI is providing a quality management system with the required regulatory requirements as needed in the medical industry.

The founder and Chairperson of the LVPEI, Dr. Gullapalli N Rao stated that “These special contact lenses offer the promise of relief for people afflicted with many problems of the cornea not treatable otherwise. We are delighted that we could make this service available in India.”

The concept and manufacturing of the Boston Sight SCLERAL and PROSE lenses were established at L V Prasad Eye Institute in 2017. It was raised with an aim to provide them specialized access to the patients in underserved geographies.

With the use of the lenses visual function, support healing, reduction of symptom, avoid of corneal, transplantation and quality of life can be improved for the patients suffering from corneal disease, ocular surface disease, damage or injury.

The excellent facility was served to over 1500 patients all over the country. Also, it is expected to start catering to patients in South East and Middle East Asia.

The SCLERAL lenses are much popularly known for their usage in patients with keratoconus, corneal grafts, Stevens-Johnson syndrome, chemical, and thermal burn injuries and ocular pemphigoid. However, the extensive growth on SCLERAL lenses will lead into more of its usage for patients with dry eyes because of the Sjögren’s syndrome, autoimmune diseases, chronic graft-versus-host disease, post-LASIK dry eye, and irregular astigmatism.

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