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KNR Government School is flooding with admissions

No admissions board outside KNR Government school Nellore

Government schools have often given the least priority by people, assuming them to have poor facilities. Most people are eager to admit their children into corporate schools, but KNR government school in Nellore has the tables turned for people admitting their children in the government school.

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KNR Government school was sound in 1984. It offers the medium in English – Telugu. It has around 1500 students. Apart from studies, the school has its prime focus on yoga and many extracurricular activities. The quality of education is attracting a lot of parents to admit their children in this school. Most private school admissions are making a move to this government school. This school marks its position to place No Admissions board for stopping the overwhelmed number of admissions every year.

KNR Government is settings records

Students claim the best quality of education in this school, where they state that this school is a lot better than most private schools. This school has bagged the first position in 2011-2012 among all the municipal schools in Nellore. Gradually strength of students joining private schools is getting reduced due to the government school. The major reason behind the betterment of the school is Head Master of the school Vijay Prakash Rao. He personally takes the responsibility of making people aware of the school and make people admit their children in this school. Vijay Prakash Rao has made his position in the school very firmly maintaining good relations with the teachers and parents of the school. His mission is to make KNR Government School as the most inspiring school in Nellore.

KNR Government School has achieved the best state ranks and maximum scores in Nellore. This school has the capability to be identified as the best school throughout the status with well-experienced teachers and a very coordinated school headmaster. This school receives at least 60% admissions of students from reputed Corporate schools which clearly defines the capability of the school.

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