MBBS students claim they never had a class of anatomy

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Anatomy is the branch of biology concerned with the study of the structure of organisms and their parts. it is a branch of natural science which deals with the structural organization of living things. It is an old science, having its beginnings in prehistoric times. Anatomy is inherently tied to developmental biology, embryology, evolutionary biology, and phylogeny, as these are the processes by which anatomy is generated over immediate and long timescales. 

Without basic knowledge of human body, MBBS graduates are passing out, in the absence of anatomy dissection classes. For completion of MBBS, anatomy is basic but a dearth of professors, have left many future doctors in lurch. In many cases, to get a cadaver,it is inability of the private medical colleges for carrying out anatomy classes.

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Anatomy dissections is the major part of MBBS

“.Ddissections classes are not being held in some medical colleges. This has happened several times before with other private medical colleges too. Students have been losing out on academic knowledge as in many colleges annual exams were held without conducting anatomy dissection classes even once. No actions was taken even after the issue was represented to higher officials of health department, “said TJUDA president Dr P S Vijayender Goud.

For carrying out anatomy classes stems from the tightening of norms, faced difficulty in getting cadavers. “It became very difficult to get a cadaver now. Earlier there was some movement of unclaimed bodies through mortuaries when rules were less stringent, but now that came in control with GHMC cremating OR burying unidentified and unclaimed bodies. To get a cadaver in absence of any rules for donating or selling such bodies to private colleges, became a problem, “said IMA state secretary Dr Sanjeev Singh Yadav.

The classes affected at private colleges due to ghost faculty-doctors practising in the near vicinity shown as faculty on paper, is the another reason.  “After getting MCI approvals, college managements leave the medical students without any classes.  These faculty members exists only in paper. In one particular college, in the entire 2018, not a single anatomy class was conducted, “said Dr P S Vijayender Goud.

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