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Medintu to go pan-India

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Hyderabad-based Medintu Health Solutions, with its end-to-end e-services health platform, aims to help researchers, physicians, and healthcare providers to improve patient care. The boot-strapped company is looking to raise funds to meet its expansion needs in India. It is planning to raise funds from India for the domestic operations and from the UK for its UK business. The company plans to expand operations across India.

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Medintu is currently in talks with Telangana and Gujarat governments to collaborate, and is piloting with about 200 clinics in Karnataka. It is working with the AP government already. The company will go north east as well, as a part of its plans to go pan-India in the short-term.

The company’s healthcare platform provides critical patient information anytime, anywhere so that the healthcare providers can make better decisions for patients. Medintu seamlessly connects doctors, hospitals, diagnostic centres, pharmacy, personal health assistants, nursing services and medical professionals with patients and service providers. The company began its operations in Hyderabad in 2017.

Medintu Market gap

Mandapati Srinivas Reddy, CEO, Medintu Health Solutions, told Telangana Today, “Unlike, in the UK, we noticed that there were no reliable healthcare platforms in India for health and well being of individuals. Digitization process of generating and maintaining health records also had ambiguity. So we wanted to change this. We have created scope for individuals to create health profiles, which can be accessed anywhere in India, at times of medical emergencies or procedures, which will also give insights to aspects such as sensitivity to certain allergic substances/food.”

The company which also operates in the UK, today, brings 1,200 hospitals, healthcare institutions, and diagnostic centers on to its platform. The platform also connects genomic analytics companies that project health risks such as cardiac, hypertension, diabetes and cancers, following which counseling and treatment can be carried out.

He added, “We offer predictive and preventive personalised healthcare solutions to our customers. We are also using internet of things and integrate it to our solutions to provide useful insights to doctors and individuals. We are also working on prototypes using artificial intelligence.”

The company has recently carried out health risk profiling for 65,000 personnel of AP Police Department to reduce the mortality rate by predicting vulnerabilities. About 10,000 secondary level lab tests and 600 angiograms were conducted, which led to 25 stent procedures and as a result 71 lives were saved.

He informed, “We are also offering subscription model both for individuals and corporate staff. Our focus in the last two years has been corporates. In India, we have tied up with 15 corporates so far and three large corporates in the UK. We are soon going to roll out services relating to mental health in the UK.”

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