Smart commuter parking at Hyderabad Metro Rail Limited

People struggling to find space in the parking bay

Hyderabad Metro Rail Limited (HMRL) today said bids on private-public partnership mode have been finalized to develop the integrated smart parking management system.

Metro commuters will now be able to identify vacant parking slots for their private vehicles at Metro stations well in advance, even before they actually reach the stations.


Through the newly launched Integrated Smart Parking Management System (ISPMS), commuters will be able to check for vacant park-able bays at the nearest Metro station and park the vehicle accordingly. The ISPMS is based on colour-coded format wherein green will indicate the availability of space, orange indicating relatively less space and red colour denoting no vacancy. The system would display details pertaining to 4,000 two wheeler park-able bays and 400 four wheeler parking bays at the 24 Metro stations on Miyapur-Ameerpet-Nagole route.

Two-wheeler and four-wheeler owners/drivers, by using their GPS, can digitally check the availability of their desired parking lot before they travel to any Metro station, Reddy explained.

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They can simply use the service through their smart phones and the system would display the available bays to park their vehicles in about 4,000 two-wheeler park bays and 400 four-wheeler parking bays at the Metro stations, he said.

ISPMS Operation

To begin with, the ISPMS is operational through operator app and is being used by the operators deployed at the Metro stations. As part of creating awareness among Metro commuters, these operators will help the commuters on how to use the ISPMS effectively. A dedicated consumer app will be launched in the coming days, authorities said. With the launch of ISPMS, metro passengers will now also have to pay for parking their vehicles at the 24 Metro stations on the Miyapur-Ameerpet-Nagole route. The Hyderabad Metro Rail Limited (HMRL) has collaborated with Park Hyderabad to launch ISPMS facility

For those travelling occasionally, the parking fee charges would be Rs 3 per hour for two-wheelers and Rs 8 per hour for four wheelers. There will be penalties on those failing to clear their vehicles after the expiry of booked time slots. An exclusive control centre equipped with surveillance to monitor the vehicles parking and other aspects are set up as part of the system. In addition to this, there will be Wi-fi, mobile and laptop charging facilities, surveillance cameras and other features at the parking bays for the convenience of Metro commuters, he said.

Advancement in Parking strategy

Parking violations would be detected both electronically and manually and compliance would be ensured by security personnel of the private licencee under the supervision of the traffic police, Reddy said. Theparking areas at the Metro stations, which would be aesthetically developed with shelters, would also have free Wi-Fi and other facilities, he said.

The attractive smart parking lots would become hubs of activity with CCTV cameras linked to a central command and control centre, he added.

The ISPMS will not be functional in the parking bays of Nagole, Parade Grounds, Rasoolpura, Balanagar, Kukatpally and Miyapur stations maintained and operated by L&T Metro Rail Hyderabad Limited and will be only functional in HMRL maintained parking lots.     

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