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Pinoty for detecting heart diseases early

Pinoty device testing

Pinoty – India has seen a 50 percent rise in the rate of heart diseases and strokes in the last 26 years. And along with this is the fact that there are only 7,700 practicing cardiologists in the country – not to mention the non-availability of doctors in Hinterlands. All this leaves us with only one question – is there a way to prevent it? Providing an answer to this and offering a solution is Hyderabad-based startupPinoty.

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Started about a one-and-a-half year ago, the startup was the brainchild of serial entrepreneur Dr. NiranjanRavuri – practicing gastroenterologist at NIMS. Dr. Ravuri during his stint in the hospital had seen many patients – especially young people – go through some variation of heart diseases. And his education had enlightened him that this disease is not only preventable but even detectable at an early stage. With his experience as a doctor and also his wish to do something in the healthcare space using technology, Dr. Ravuri started Pinoty.


The concept of the startup is pretty simple – a wearable device is given to the patient, which through a simple left-hand movement can measure 12 parameters like ECG, blood pressure, heart rate, pulse rate, basal body temperature, SPO2, heart and lung sounds. Using these parameters, the app within 60 seconds analyses the patient’s heart condition and sends a data-driven report to the doctors who will in turn guide the patient on the next step to be taken and also help them prevent heart diseases. “The data gives the doctors insight into the cardiac performance/risk factors of the patient and enables them to determine the best treatment option,” said Dr Ravuri.

Currently still in the development stage, the wearable device, according to Dr. Ravuri, will be ready for clinical trials by the end of May. About 10 devices will be tested in the hospitals and/or clinics and post the test results, the startup is looking at getting into the market by the end of 2019. The bootstrapped company is also looking at getting external funding, he said without divulging details on the exact investment sought by them. The 14-member company is led by Dr. Ravuri along with Raviteja MS, co-founder, and CTO of Pinoty.

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