PUBG turns to be a Vampire for a Wanapathy teenager

PUBG has again proved as a threat to a youngster’s life. The addiction of the PUBG has made a teenager from Wanaparthy struggle his life with the development of brain clots. The doctors who have diagnosed the teenager have stated that he was suffering from poor nutrition, weight loss, and dehydration. All these were just because of the stress-levels he developed due to the PUBG game.

The PUBG or the Player Unknown’s BattleGrounds is a battle game that can be played among multiplayer. The game has become a high addiction to children and teenagers. Though it was stated as banned by the Indian Government, it was later stated as not Banned in India.

The game has taken up many teenagers’ lives into risk, and the BSc second-year student from Wanaparthy is one among them now. After seeking no response from his right leg and hand, the teenager was immediately rushed to the hospital. He was then diagnosed and reported for having thickened venous blood and few clots in his brain.

As per the statements received from his mother, the teenager was a good student with a distinction earned in Class Xth. But, after getting addicted to this game, his mother complains that he was continuously playing with the game from 9:00 pm to the early mornings of 3:00 am or 4:00 am. He used to stop the game only when he had to go for his part-time job as a newspaper boy. She added that he used every possibility to play the game all day. She wishes him to be cured at earliest and hopes this health condition to be a turning point to focus on his careers.

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