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Rachakonda police to use camera-mounted vehicles to keep vigil

Camera on police car used for reference

Rachakonda police will use camera mounted vehicles for monitoring sensitive areas and critical polling stations.

Police Commissioner Mahesh M Bhagwat said three cameras mounted vehicles would closely monitor the situation in critical polling stations and alert the authorities in case of any untoward incident.

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Most commonly there are two.

There is one mounted inside of the car’s front window facing forwards (as the prior answer stated) and there is one inside facing down into the back seat to record whenever someone is being kept / transported in the back seat (holding area).

In a small number of police cars you will also find additional cameras facing to the back and sides of the car. These are most commonly larger cameras, installed on the outside of the vehicle, which are used to capture license plates as part of a Automatic License Plate Reader system.

Rachakonda Police

The police would use the 4G technology specially designed by the Information Technology team. “Each person will cover four or five critical polling stations. If there is any development, they will immediately do a live video streaming with me. I will monitor the situation from Command and Control Centre,” said Bhagwat and added that the use of such technology was immensely useful in the recent State polls too.

The Commissioner reminding that not a single re-polling incident was reported during the recent polls said additional forces from the neighbouring States too have been deployed. A total of 11 check posts had been setup.

Bhagwat said cordon and search operations were being conducted to check persons staying in lodges, guest houses and other places and who were non-locals.

“There will be regular checking for non-locals and non-voters residing here. Based on further verification, they will be sent out. Apart from this, throughout the Commissionerate, there will be constantly checking for the movement of cash and liquor flow,” he said.

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