Research team of IIT-Hyderabad succeeds in recycling fly ash for Waterproof Coat

A researching team from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Hyderabad has created a waterproof material by considering fly ash. The fly ash is a substance received from the thermal power stations, and it is dangerous for nature.

With the waterproof material made the archaeological structures and heritages can be protected from damage. Also, these can be used as a waterproof agent in the field of Information Technology (IT), textiles, communications, and other industries.

The material was prepared by taking a cue from rose petal and lotus leaf, as these have special functionalities to repel water and prevent the dropping of water. This unique water-repelling functionality in these two plants is translated into a coat with the means of a few chemicals and fly ash. Since it has excellent repelling water functionality; it is stated as the “super hydrophobic.”

The material lists out many usages. It can be used like paint for the hull of ships; as a self-cleaning coat for automobiles, in preparation of antennae anti-sticking, etc. Also, to make it accessible, the material is available at an affordable cost. With this great initiative, the highly dangerous fly ash can be utilized, and these will no more be harm for our environment.

The successful members of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Hyderabad are Assistant Professors Dr. Mudrika Khandelwal and Dr. Atul Suresh Deshpande. The two brilliant minds were from the department of materials science and metallurgical engineering. Their efforts for the research were co-authored with Urbashi Mahanta. It was further published in the ChemistrySelect scientific journal recently.

One of the team members, Mudrika, states that “The water repellent properties of lotus leaves and rose petals have been known for a long time. Mimicking natural structures for engineering applications is not easy” and added that, scientists must understand and make use of the relationship between the natural materials and the purpose they give for us.

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