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Marvel vs Dc fan base in India: Dc (Detective comics) started as national allied comics in 1934 and published the first comics that introduced Superman in 1938 but Marvel published the first comics in 1939 introducing human torch and Namor. Marvel and DC, both have been given a neck to neck competition to each other for decades now the war waged to the movies and seems to have no end to it.

The Marvel Comics was January’s top publisher in dollars with a 34.30% retailer dollar share and a 36.69% unit share. This is a slight bump on December’s 33.8% dollar share, but a drop on their 38.31% unit share.

But DC Entertainment was the month’s top publisher in units shipped, with a 38.94% unit share and a 33.80% retailer dollar share. A drop on their dollar share in December of 34.54%, but a boost to their December 37.65% unit share.

Marvel vs DC character comparison:

Each of the two comics and their own universes and respective die-hard fans, who will actually die claiming that their preferred comic or superhero is better than all the others. But, it should be noted that both Marvel and DC have their own characteristics that draw fans to them. DC Comics and its characters are often known for being dark, serious, and brooding; the most famous example of this is Batman. While, Marvel is known to be less serious, lighter and focuses more on entertainment. Eg. Deadpool. Of course, this is not a rule, and there are exceptions to it.


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