How much do you know about Marvel Universe?

Though the concept of a shared universe was not new or unique to comics in 1961, writer/editor Stan Lee, together with several artists including Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko, created a series of titles where events in one book would have repercussions in another title and serialized stories would show characters’ growth and change. Headline characters in one title would make cameo or guest appearances in other books. Eventually many of the leading heroes assembled into a team known as the Avengers. This was not the first time that Marvel’s characters had interacted with one another—Namor the Sub-Mariner and the Original Human Torch had been rivals when Marvel was Timely comics (Marvel Vault)—but it was the first time that the comic book publisher’s characters seemed to share a world.[1] The Marvel Universe was also notable for setting its central titles in New York City; by contrast, many DC heroes live in fictional cities. Care was taken to portray the city and the world as realistically as possible with the presence of super humans affecting the common citizens in various ways

Over time, a few Marvel Comics writers lobbied Marvel editors to incorporate the idea of a Multiverse resembling DC’s parallel worlds; this plot device allows one to create several fictional universes which normally do not overlap. What happens on Earth in the main Marvel Universe would normally have no effect on what happens on a parallel Earth in another Marvel-created universe. However, story writers would have the creative ability to write stories in which people from one such universe would visit this alternative universe

In 1982, Marvel published the mini-series Contest of Champions, in which all of the major heroes in existence at the time were gathered together to deal with one threat. This was Marvel’s first miniseries. Each issue contained biographical information on many major costumed characters; these biographies were a precursor to Marvel’s series of reference material, The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, which followed shortly on the heels of Contest of Champions.

  • Whom does tony call Double agent in MCU

    • Agent hill
    • Agent romanoff
    • Agent Coulson
    • Agent Clark Gregg
  • According to MCU there is another stone. Name the stone

    • Ego
    • Anger
    • Hydro
    • Manipulation
  • Name this character

    • Hogun
    • Hamdel
    • Fandral
    • Volstagg
  • In a scene in thorragnorokhow many minutes did Loki say he had been falling for?

    • 15min
    • 20min
    • 30min
    • 40min
  • Which city is killmonger from?

    • Oakland
    • New York
    • Boston
    • Timesquare
  • Which member of The Black Order / Children of Thanos abducted Dr. Strange in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’?

    • Corvus glaive
    • Ebony Maw
    • Proxima Midnight
    • Cull Obisdian
  • In the following list who was the one who didn’t wore one of the ironman suit’s

    • Pepper Pots
    • Roddy
    • Peter Parker
    • Ivan AntonovichVanko
  • Where were Stark Industries’ weapons being sold to?

    • The ten rings
    • Hydra
    • SHIELD
    • Lexcorp
  • Which realm was Loki originally born in?

    • Asgard
    • Earth
    • Jotunheim
    • Muspelheim
  • What is Vision?

    • An Android
    • An Human
    • A god
    • Son of God
  • Which villain wanted the orb Peter Quill stole?

    • Thanos
    • Ego
    • Loki
    • Ronan
  • Where was Howard the Duck?

    • In Tivans collection
    • On Ronan Ship
    • In Asgard
    • In Peter quills ship
  • Why was the Ancient One immortal?

    • She drew power from the dark dimension
    • She was a God in Human form
    • She was a being similar of ego
    • She used the eye of Agamotto
  • What were Mantis’ powers?

    • Telekinesis
    • Empathy
    • Invisibility
    • Telepathy
  • Which alien technology was the Vulture selling to street criminals?

    • Sovereign
    • Skrull
    • Chitauri
    • Kree

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