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Sreeja Kamishetty from Hyderabad achieves google dream

Sreeja Kamishetty from Hyderabad achieves google dream

Sreeja Kamishetty bags Google Venkat Panchapakesan Memorial Scholarship and impresses the techies with her coding skills Keeping an eye on the announcements made for scholarships and internship opportunities by tech giants can bring in a major change in one’s life. No one knows it better than Hyderabad girl Sreeja Kamisetty 21, who bagged a job in Google.

A final year, research assistant of Machine Learning at the International Institute of Information Technology (IIT) Hyderabad, Sreeja has recently returned from the US after being selected as one of six Indians to win the Google Venkat Panchapakesan. Memorial Scholarship Named after an Indian origin employee, Venkat Panchapakesan, at YouTube, the scholarship awards 750USD for educational expenses and a trip to the headquarters of YouTube in San Bruno for a retreat. Sreeja plans to use the scholarship money her research activities in Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Transportation.

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Sreeja explains that as part of the selection procedure for the Venkat Scholarship, she had to write two essays and make a YouTube video that explained why she wants the scholarship, “It was my first time making a YouTube video featuring myself. Earlier, I had made videos that involved explaining the technologies or games that I had created. Hence, it took me multiple takes to get a perfect video to share my thoughts.”

Sreeja trip to California

A three-day trip to the Google and YouTube headquarters in California, USA allowed Sreeja to interact with experienced leaders and developers, including YouTube’s CEO, Susan Wojcicki. She also got a chance to meet late Venkat’s wife. Sandhya Panchapakesan. “We also had a Design Thinking workshop, and video making and Virtual Reality sessions at YouTube. Overall, the experience was quite insightful and involved a lot of learning.”

However, this is not the first time that Sreeja went overseas. In June 2018, she participated in Google’s Get Ahead programme along with 399 other women in tech from across the globe. The participants took part in an online coding competition to win a Google EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa regions) Students Retreat. As many as 20 women were selected from all over the world with Sreeja being the only Indian

The Students Retreat, held in August 2018 was an event that connected women in tech from various nook and corners of the world. It allowed them to network, strengthen their skills, and learn about Google products and culture as well

In fact, her performance in the coding competition impressed Google to an extent that the organization asked Sreeja if she was interested to apply for a full-time job. She cleared the phone screening test and an on-site interview in London in December 2018 and eventually received a job offer from Google. Sreeja says that she ardently uses Google apps such as photos, maps, chrome, etc

Google’s efforts on Students

“The effort that Google puts in to encourage students, and provide scholarships and resources for learning is amazing She says that she has always been fascinated by Al and ML. “Currently, I am working on transportation domain I am using Al/ML algorithms to solve traffic problems such as urban pollution control and emergency evacuation. My activities involve finding unsolved problems and trying to explore solutions and solve it.”

From her experiences at last year’s Google EMEA Students Retreat and this year’s visit to YouTube’s headquarters, Sreeja says, “I interacted with different women from all corners of the world, and I loved hearing their stories. She added that both the experiences taught her to enhance her self-confidence and inspired her to never give up until she succeeds “The major learning was on how patience and discipline can help in research work. I also learnt to keep exploring problems and find solutions

Currently, Sreeja is in her final semester. Upon completion, she is all set to join Google in June as a Software Engineer in London. “I am excited to do great work at Google that will impact the world and bring the best in me.”

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