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Startups on a talent hunt

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Select startups are in an expansion mode and they are adopting a mix of conventional and not-so-conventional methods to spot the talent. For instance, The Phi Factory, whose work is centered on chemicals, has asked the candidates to send in a one-minute video talking about their craziest ideas. Other players like Timla Foods said will look for failures and the ways in which the candidates dealt with them.

G Praveen Kumar, founder, Phi Factory says: “Our products are science-related. We want to hire those who like science. There are many cases where people fear science. Communication-related to science should foster a love for it.”

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“We will lay emphasis on understanding of concepts rather than on the marks secured,” he says. Currently, his team size is eight and has drawn up plans to touch 50 by end of December this year. The additional manpower is needed in view of the growth the company is seeing. The new roles will be in supply chain and marketing, he says.

P Pradeep, founder Thanos, the drone technology and services company from Hyderabad, says plans are on to add 12 to 15 people. “Agriculture operations will rise now,” he says about the reasons. The company, which offers drone services for spraying pesticides on farms, is looking to strengthen research and development for new products, marketing, administration, accounting, and sales.


It will tap the startups ecosystem even as referrals are a popular mode of recruitment. “Some people have applied to us directly after seeing the unique solutions we are offering,” he says adding that he is also in talks with some colleges for recruitment.

Mukesh Chandra Anchuri, Founder, PayMatrix, which offers rent management solutions, says it will look to add 7 to 10 people in two to three months. Currently, the team has six members. It is keen on adding positions for web design and development. Digital marketing will also be a key focus area. “We will depend on Linkedin, and the like,” he says. It also looks to convert interns into hires. Those with some exposure and experience are given a stipend while the untrained ones are exposed to the technology and resources.

Startup Hunting

In words of G Prashanth, Founder of Timla Foods, makers of Popicorn brand of popcorn, says it relies on peer group interactions and social media for finding the right talent. The company is on an expansion spree in multiple cities and now has more than 200 people and is now looking to add about 150 more this year.

“We will be interested to know about their failures in their career graph. This will give a fair idea about how they dealt when things get tough, their passion and learnings in their journey,” he says. While a basic degree will help. However, there will be the focus on marks alone, he says. The new roles will be in the areas of sales, marketing, HR and more.

Kansas, offering a technology platform for farmer producer organizations, now has about 20 people and is keen on adding another 25 or so. It has tied up with two colleges and is in talks with one more to provide candidates who are job-ready. It also offers internships and later absorbs them. It is looking for personnel in planning and implementation, finance, supply-chain management, and related areas, says its Founder Y Kiran.

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