Student News reporter Internship for 2019 – 2020 academic year

Student News reporter Internship: Elyuxen student newspaper is registered independent student run newspaper. It is broadsheet newspaper circulated in 30+ colleges and schools in Hyderabad.

The idea behind the student newspaper is to stand out from the traditional newspapers and so the content in the newspaper includes news related to students, colleges, schools.

The sections of Elyuxen contains wide range of articles addressing various issues pertaining to latest trends in Education, technology, entertainment, sports; whereabouts of job interviews, college events; student reviews on topics of technology, sports, movies, student issues, current affairs; Interviews of various renowned personalities from different sectors; start-up stories; editorials; blogs so on and so forth making it easy for the students to keep up with everyday developments in the society.

Department wise work:

  • News/Content Writer: The students should collect and write news article not less than 300 words along with High-quality pictures at least two times in a month. News can include College achievements, recent inventions, R&D news, Placements, Startup news, Sports news, Faculty interviews, Startup interviews, etc.
  • Events/Fests manager: Create a collaboration proposal for the event or fest happening in your college.
  • Marketing: Create a user base in college for Website readers and Content creation on the through front end content creation
  • College Ambassador: Promote and execute Elyuxen Vision thoughts in your college.
  • Any other: Other includes increasing user base, submitting articles, Generating subscriber base, etc.

Benefits of working as Student News reporter in Elyuxen student Newspaper:

  1. Writership Award to students who write at least 50 articles.
  2. Internship award and certificate
  3. Working experience certificate to every student.
  4. Early and free access to elyuxen organised and partnered events.
  5. Representing your college and team in national events.
  6. Recommending to elyuxen partnered companies for Jobs after Internships.
  7. Other benefits will be notified in internship agreement.

Why Student Newspaper is important?
For the Students By the students To the Students

  1. More than 200 Newspapers in Telangana Newspaper content percentage (Calculated on an average of 7 days, 3 English Newspapers and 3 Telugu Newspapers) Politics: 35% Crime: 30% share Advertisement: 10% Other: 25% (Only 10% is useful to students)
  2. Get to know about reality between the ent Education system of State and India, especially Engineering stream. Parents will be precautioned about what’s happening in engineering/Degree colleges to keep their children future secure and safe
  3. Important News updates from Different colleges, schools which we don’t get to see in the regular newspaper
  4. India has more than 50% of its population below the age group of 25 years, separate Newspaper for Students is always special and revolutionary. 5. Student Life is full of Learning, exploring, Educating. Students here will learn and educate other students by writing articles, Explore different streams and educate themselves before getting into reality.

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