Survey by PAN India to provide employment for over 12,000 people

The Multipurpose Hall of Sithaphalmandi is turning as a tech hub with a number of young talents. The young talents are turning up with their mobiles to get trained as enumerators for the 7th Economic Survey. The pilot began with Sithaphalmandi Corporator (former employer from Google) – Hema Syamala.

Dignithon – Telangana IT Association is taking up the economic survey works in the State and recruiting enumerators. This purpose is all together with the Common Service Centres E-Governance Services India Limited.

The TITA Global President Sundeep Kumar Makthala stated that “There are 1,112 survey units in Telangana including 573 in Hyderabad. Each unit will need six to ten enumerators. This will create employment to about 6,000 people in Hyderabad. For Telangana, the employment creation will touch 12,000

Each enumerator will have scope to earn about Rs 10,000 to Rs 30,000 per month during the survey period.”

 While explaining the process, Makthala said that the data would be received through a mobile application. The previous information or the data which was collected in 2013 will get auto-populated when the enumerators proceed to feed the data. The application will take the commercial establishments and coordinates of the house being visited. Also, it removes the possibility of data fudging and does not allow to feed any data if the location isn’t enabled.

The application will help to connect in the rural areas to coordinate a visit and update when the

Even in the rural areas, where the connectivity can be an issue, the app helps to organize a visit and update when the connectivity is at availability. The data fed will be vetted by the group of supervisors. These supervisors will be paid Rs. 11 per data recorded for residential and Rs. 17.5 for residential and commercial and Rs. 22 for commercial establishments.

Each member will be provided with a map to follow and ensure that there is no duplicity in data gathering. About ten data fields will be considered to seek information. And, the data gathered will not be saved in the mobile and turn gets saved in the cloud. However, the data may not be accessed to the enumerators.

Makthala added that “The pilot has begun now and the full-scale survey, which is a pan-India exercise, will begin soon and may last up to four months,” Also, he points out that by adding about 20,000 households from Kukatpally and 1,000 households from Aaramghar, the participants in the Economic Survey are likely to receive better opportunities in future as digital enumerators.

Raja Kishore, the CSC Visa-President stated that the center is working for creating employment opportunities and encouraging entrepreneurship. Candidates who wish to become an entrepreneur have to get registered and write an exam to get selected. The selected candidates will eventually receive the certificates and ID cards.

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