Villagers gift their children’s teacher a horse to help him travel

Teachers in rural areas always have great hurdles and hardships to cope up with their job. They try to introduce new pathways to figure out their difficulties. Let us now know about a teacher of Andhra Pradesh, who regularly takes a horse-ride to reach his workplace.

The road system leading to the Government’s Surlapalem primary School, Gemmali village is very difficult to travel. It is one of the worse roads in the Vishakhapatnam district. No vehicle such as a bus, car, or a two-wheeler can move smoothly on this road. Seeking this, the villagers bought a horse for the teacher – Gampari Venkataramana.

Venkataramana is a teacher, and he used to travel about 19km morning and evening through the hillocks and slopes to reach his workplace and teach children. Traveling in these remote areas is not that safe, because there was even a danger of wild animals.

Venkataramana is much dedicated towards his students; though the traveling was hard, he traveled every day to teach his students. Villagers planned to gift him a horse so that it would make him easier to travel to and fro. They collected Rs 9000 and bought a horse for Venkataramana. Also, the people of the village take-care of horse’s diet and other requirements. One of the local people of the village, Pangi Sitaram states that “We saw how much he struggles to ensure a bright future for our children. Hence, we bought a horse for him.”

At first, it was not such easy to train the teacher from town to ride. Later, he got used to the horse riding like most of the others in the village. Venkataramana feels fortunate and says, “I like to teach these children and am ready face all challenges to accomplish my job. The villagers bought me the horse to lessen my trouble. However, there are many other teachers and government employees to struggle to reach their place of work. The state should at least provide proper roads to villages.”

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